This is me in my favourite art corner.

I’m a mixed media artist working mainly in acrylic paint, collage, and oil pastels — usually on paper. I especially love recycled paper and altered books.

I’ve been creative all my life but only became serious about art in 2014. I consider myself living proof that artists are made, not born.

For many years I believed myself incapable of drawing so I spent my creative time doing photo editing and making digital art with two software programs I love: Inkscape and GIMP.

Then an artist friend told me about Inktober. Drawing in ink every day for the month of October (hence the name Inktober 🙂 ) ended up being a pleasurable and effective skill-stretching exercise but it certainly didn’t start out that way.

Day 1 – Inktober 2014 – All I could do is a word doodle.

I felt pretty stupid publishing naive word doodles every day but I was committed to putting out 31 drawings in 31 days so I kept it up. After one week it became less tedious. Halfway through the month I was able to illustrate simple concepts.


I kept drawing after Inktober ended. No one was more surprised than I to see my sketches continue to evolve.

Hot Air Balloon Rabbit by Susan Wright-Boucher
Hot Air Balloon Rabbit | A fun sketch in pencil and ink

I’ve met some wonderful people through the process of striving and learning about art. And many of them are exactly like me — creatives who used to believe that talent is something you have to be born with.

I’m sharing my art journey in the hopes that someone else who believes he or she can’t draw will pick up a pencil and just do it anyway. Give yourself a month of daily drawing to prove yourself wrong. The worst thing that will happen is you’ll have a bunch of scribbles to laugh at. The best thing that could happen is you’ll amaze yourself and gain a skill that will give you hours of pleasure.

Drawing and painting are learned skills. I’m still learning.

Teacup Bunnies by Susan Wright-Boucher

How about you? I’d love to hear about your art journey.



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